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It's a scary topic but in 2016 sucide rates were at a high within 14 years, showing that 22% of teenage suicides were due to bullying.

By educating people on real LGBTQ+, Race, Religion and Mental Health situations, we hope to break stereotypes and allow people to understand diversity in a clearer way. 

This is why we need you, without submissions from you, our workshops cannot happen. By  submitting a story to explain what it is like to be you in today's world, we educate, we bring these stories to life and answer questions people may be afraid to ask. 

Comments after our TEDx Talk included: 

"When you're facing the predjudice of people for just being you.. and you stand up and talk about that, it's so powerful!" - Leanne Clydesdale, Set Designer TEDx Brayford Pool 2018 

"Incredibly moved by you today! In awe of your efforts to instigate change" - @moments_hello via Twitter

"I was so moved by all of the powerful monologues. Thank you for sharing even the most personal & painful of experiences. They need to be told!" - @futurecatalyst via Twitter

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 There's no limit on what you can say, something has annoyed you, a time in your life you'll never forget, a funny encounter - share what you want.  

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